Program & Philosophy

  • Students receive language arts and math instruction at their achievement level
    • students who demonstrate mastery in one subject can be advanced to the next level
    • students who need additional help will be targeted for remedial assistance
  • Structured classroom setting with direct teaching  (See Note below)
  • Students receive one hour each of PE, Technology, Art and Music instruction every week
  • Eagle Academy uses a standards-based report card for language arts and math; letter and/or effort grades are earned in science and social studies
  • Every family is required to fulfill a 16 service hour commitment
  • Homework is assigned at each level with a goal to :
    • reinforce classroom instruction
    • develop study habits and time management strategies and responsibilities
    • keep parents informed and involved in their child's progress
  • Core Curriculum is challenging and provides an outstanding foundatio
  • Class size – 25 students per homeroom limit
  • Uniforms and Discipline
    • Students are required to wear uniforms and maintain a high standard of conduct
    • This encourages learning and builds integrity and character to help lay a foundation for success in later life

Note:  Direct Teaching Instruction is a method where the teacher leads the students in a carefully constructed step-by-step lesson.  Teachers set clear lesson goals and make sure students have frequent opportunities to practice the new skill.

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Eagle Academy Charter School
PO Box 10901 Mausel Street, Suite 101,
Eagle River, AK 99577

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Eagle Academy is located at 10901 Mausel Street in the former Automax building located at the south Eagle River exit.